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Living In San Francisco Vs. Living In Los Angeles

Angelinos are from Venus, San Franciscans are from Mars.

Your Deepest Shame in San Francisco

You’ve spent an afternoon driving around Pacific Heights trying to find the Full House home.

Your Deepest Shame in Los Angeles

You’ve felt a surge of excitement when you realize you’ve been somewhere the Kardashians went on their show. “Holy crap! They’re at Sagebrush Cantina!”

(More Inside)

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Urban Curator: Tyson Pruong


The streets of downtown Santa Ana are barren on a cold Tuesday night, save for a space on Fourth Street where members of the Santa Ana art collective Konsept meet to discuss plans for the next Downtown Art Walk. The collection of pizza boxes, bags of chips and soda cans strewn around the snack table add to the relaxed vibe in the room, which serves as headquarters, studio and gallery space all in one. Founder and leader Tyson Pruong is wearing nicely ironed, office-appropriate dress clothes—seemingly strange apparel for a guy who mostly hangs around laid-back artists and musicians. (Full Story Inside)

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21 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Move To L.A.

“Is this pizza vegan and gluten-free?”

1. “Cold”

Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 2.39.40 PM

If it’s 60 degrees, it’s sweater weather. Below 60, and you better put on that parka. (More Inside)

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Starforce Hiphop


Cloud G, a member of Miracle Child entertainment and K-Trap bring us another banger. If you have love for orange county then this should be your anthem. Another Tripp sighting in this video….Pushing 25k plays. Cloud G’s music video for song “714″ is a hit with fans. Produced by K Trap for Miracle Child Ent and video by Patino of Crime City films. To check the video, click HERE

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