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Neff Hats That Will Never See The Light of Day


You win some, you lose some. Being a designer sometimes means that a lot of your ideas, creations, concepts, go to waste. Click on “Read More” to see the list of designs I did for my first season at Neff Headwear, that will never hit shelves.

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Steve Cutts Illustrates The Sad Truth About Today’s World


Art isn’t all fairytale photoshoots and landscape shots – it can also act as catalyst of change. And Steve Cutts thinks that many things in the world should be different. Work shouldn’t be a grinding, soul-crushing rat race for the almighty dollar. Consumerism shouldn’t hold a vice-like grip on our lives. And social media, well, we need to throw-off the shackles we so eagerly put on ourselves. Wouldn’t life be better then? (Full Gallery Inside)

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Electric Dot Drawing Pen

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Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 5.17.00 PM

…In case you couldn’t tell.

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Artist Captures the Beauty of Nature Inside A Glass Bubble

Paul Stankard's studio

Artist Paul Stankard, of New Jersey, is said to be the father of modern glass paperweights and once you see his creations you’ll understand why.

Stankard struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia all of his youth to the point of graduating at the bottom of his class. However, he knew that it was important to find his calling and he did just that while in college.

Witness his amazing creations and remarkable talent in his book Homage To Nature, as well as the images Inside:

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Kama Sutra From A to Z


Words from Malika Favre: “I am a French illustrator based in London. My approach to illustration is about paring things down as much as possible. I try and get to the essence of my subject by using as few lines and colours as it needs to convey the core of the idea.” In this series of alphabet shaped Kama Sutra poses Malika has given us exactly what we need, nothing more and nothing less. (Gallery Inside)

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This isn’t A Drawing. This is Typed.


When I first saw this particular image, I thought it was a drawing made using a pencil. But when I realized what it really was and how it was made, I was completely blown away by it. But there’s a little story behind it. (Video Inside)

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Artist Captures What Love Looks Like


When you think about how love is portrayed, you probably think about the first child being born or a wedding day. You may even picture a 50th anniversary! But the unsung heroes of the long term love are those little gestures that make love so full and rich. A Korean artist named “Puuung” wants to bring it all to the forefront. (Gallery Inside)

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“Welcome to Paradise” Art Show


Danny Osterman, one of the head designers and Golden Boy at neff headwear will be hosting a second art show “Welcome to Paradise” at the Street Art Loft off of the Kanan Road exit on the 101.

The address is
Cookie’s Art Studio
28914 Roadside Dr
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

(More Details Inside)

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